About Old Sol

On March 15, 2016, Old Sol Productions, LLC submitted a proposal to the Manchester Development Corporation (MDC) to restore, renovate, and reopen the historic Rex Theatre (23 Amherst St., Manchester, NH) as a social enterprise to be known as Old Sol Music Hall.

Under their unique public/private/non-profit partnership proposal, Old Sol Productions, LLC, would purchase 23 Amherst St. from the MDC, lead the process of renovating the building, pay property taxes, and lease the building to Old Sol Music Hall, Inc., a separate not-for-profit organization that will operate the venue.

The mission of Old Sol Music Hall is to establish, maintain, and operate a performance venue and community center aimed at leveraging the arts to create positive social and environmental impact. Old Sol Music Hall will provide a mid-size performance space and implement civic programming, including weekly pre-­show service projects, in-kind donation drives, and a More Than Music Fund, which takes a portion of every ticket sold to support the work of local non-profit organizations. Through these efforts, Old Sol Music Hall will reinvest a projected $35,000+ worth of social impact into the Greater Manchester community every year.

Old Sol Music Hall will be both a cultural and civic venue in the heart of Downtown Manchester. Led by its team of Concert Corps national service members, Old Sol Music Hall will provide opportunities for patrons to give back to the local community which, in turn, will build social capital and help New Hampshire attract and retain its Millennial workforce.